Camille Villard,
The time of the wine

Camille Villard wine House finds its inspiration in the history of winegrowing in Bourgogne from the Middle Ages to the present time. Its know-how is based on the ancestral practices of the monks.



Camille Villard wine house is deeply inspired
by the medieval era.

During this age troubled by conflicts, the monks enjoyed a good tranquility. They consequently developed a unique viticultural know-how which was transmitted and improved from generation to generation.

Their rigorous methods cover all aspects of viticulture and are still today the main source of our inspiration.

Our divine terroirs

The monks instigated a fundamental notion for the identity of Bourgogne wines: the “climat”.

These are plots of land bounded according to the nature of the soil and the climatic exposure. These terroirs are precisely identified, and they give wines with very different characters. Today, the “climats” are the essence of the considerable diversity and richness of Bourgogne wines.

Each terroir revealed by Camille Villard wine house has its own history inherited from several centuries of culture.

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Camille Villard is a strong character who is never tired of working his vines. He takes the time to follow the evolution of his wines according to the rhythm of the seasons.

The wine house Camille Villard is committed to make you feel, through its wines, the meticulous work of the monks received as a heritage and passed down over the centuries.

Camille Villard’s wines are matured with respect and with all the patience that our honorable ancestors taught us. We perpetuate every day the promise they expressed in the 15th century to find in each of our wines the terroir where it was born.


Our wines

Their traditional and fascinating characters will allow you to connect with these men who have shaped Bourgogne and cultivated its exceptional terroir.